The choice of frame finishes is vast, with sprayed acrylics, hand stains (both water based and spirit based), natural waxes, and different gilding methods.

Choosing the right finish to bring out the strength of an artwork is a subtle business. By looking at different examples in our workshop, we’ll help identify a finish that is right for your artwork to bring out its full potential.

Frame Ranges

In the sections below you can learn more about these different frame finishes, with examples of some popular combinations.

  • Solid Colour

    A good 3 solid layers of paint on a flat grained wood ensure seamless corners and a flawlessly, solid coverage of paint for this contemporary classic.

  • Light Spray - Deep Grain

    By using a wood with a deeper grain such as ash, with a few layers of paint, you can bring out the texture & character. This can then be finished with wax.

  • Light Spray - Flat Grain

    Using a flat grained wood, an even coverage of paint allows the natural figure of the wood to show through while keeping a smooth surface.

  • Natural Wax

    Woods such as Oak, Cherry and American Walnut (as pictured) are best finished with a natural wax to allow the figure and colour of the wood to show.

  • Fine Details

    Here an English Oak frame is offset with some American Walnut dowels.

  • Handstain Spray - Flat Grain

    Oak and American Walnut handstain well, as it gives the wood an even finish and brings out finer details.