One of the joys of working with wood is the variety of materials you get with a natural product. Each timber has its own character; grain, figure, density, strength, and ability to take stain or polish well. All these qualities must be understood in order to get the very best out of each piece of timber, and to allow it to enrich the art it is framing.


All hardwoods and softwoods available on request.

  • Ash

    The grain of ash is open and distinctive, and this figure remains visible once hand stained or spray finished. A very hard wood with high density.

  • American Walnut

    Has a fine grain and texture. Colour varies in each length, from dark brown heartwood, to a light, grey/white sapwood. Careful selection is essential to get a consistency for your frame.

  • Maple

    A close-grain, very hard, fine-textured, tough and strong wood. The sapwood is very light in colour, and the grain is often quite uniform and beautiful. It works with a natural wax finish, or a light stain.

  • Oak

    Very dense, has great strength and hardness. It also has very attractive grain markings, particularly when quatersawn.

  • Poplar/Tulip

    Classed as a hardwood, its absorption allows good anchorage for paint, perfect for spray finishes. It's creamy white wood can be left unfinished and strong brown/grey streaks often run through the grain.