Aluminium is an ideal material for contemporary framing; elegant, pure and understated. Modern techniques mean that aluminium can be manipulated with unparalleled accuracy. Laser cutting, precise to within fractions or a millimeter, ensures components are perfect. Exact cuts combine with bespoke welding and expert fabrication to create frames which will stand up to even the toughest of display environments.

The fundamental flaw of aluminium frames is the wooden subframe and the unsightly external screws which accompany it. Though integral to the design of common aluminium frames, this substructure can warp. The natural shrinking and swelling of timber, caused by minute fluctuations in temperature and humidity, can seriously damage artwork. Tannins and other acidic compounds can leech out, irrevocably staining cloth, canvas and paper. Dyson Art’s AluFrames are assembled completely from non-reactive aluminium, without the need for a timber backing. This revolutionary design eliminates the need for a wooden subframe, whilst also removing all visible screws and fixings.

Aluminium’s natural properties mean that crisp, elegant lines and seamless joints are possible regardless of dimensions. Narrow face frames, impossible to replicate in timber, can be made to suit even the largest artworks. Lightweight, custom welded aluminium will not open at the corners, even on the largest frames.

The AluFrame offers archival protection without compromising aesthetics. Whether offered powder coated, polished or unfinished, the material exhibits no inherent grain or patternation; facetless and stark. Combined with the extraordinary stability of a welded frame, high density powder coating and modern varnishes make AluFrames supremely resilient, easily withstanding the rigours of travelling shows, freight and regular, careful cleaning. UV light, compression and abrasion, even fire damage, an AluFrame keeps precious collections safe in any circumstances.