Can you imagine a world without forests?

Our woods are our greatest resource. A haven for nature, some of our country’s most beloved species rely on the forest to survive. Without woodland, Britain would be completely denuded, stripped of life.

Can you imagine a world without birdsong?

To save our forests, we must act. Between the early modern period and the start of the twentieth century, the portion of Britain clad in trees decreased from 15% to just 5%. Healthy, ancient, diverse forest was pulled out, grubbed up and buried beneath agricultural land. The Broadleaf foundation, in partnership with Dyson Art, aims to reverse the damage done to our forests and make woodland accessible to all, forever. With Gary Dyson at the head of the board of trustees, joined by horticulturist Connie Starling, businessman Patrick Jacquelin and Fundraiser Will Sirr, it’s our mission to acquire natural British woodland, protect and expand it.

We’re dedicated to saving Britain’s wild places. Planting trees, protecting forests: it’s as simple as that. Rewilding does not mean mono-culture. Neat rows of imported conifers contribute nothing to biodiversity. It will take vibrant, living forests of deciduous trees, the broadleaved species which are the hallmark of healthy British forest, to save our forest. The damage we are doing to the natural world won’t be fixed without intervention, but with careful management and protection these vulnerable ecosystems will be strong again.

We must succeed, but we will need your help. Donations are important, but we ask everyone to do whatever they can to stop the self-destructive journey we are on. Your knowledge, expertise, support and donations are all integral.