Q – “What do you make?”

It’s the first thing that we want to know whenever we meet someone new. The love of creating is something we all share at Dyson Art. Making is as natural as breathing to us.

But producing something exceptional is about more than just passion; enthusiasm is nothing without expertise. A Dyson Art frame represents a lifetime of knowledge and experience, but not just in production. The right frame protects and enhances, but a poor choice can cause a treasured artwork or valuable investment to quickly degrade. Buying an artwork is a journey, with framing an important step along the way. At Dyson Art, we take that journey with you.

From traditional timber to sleek and contemporary aluminium frames, all of our products are custom made and guaranteed to preserve your artwork in perfect condition. With a combination of innovative new techniques, tried and tested conservation methods and a subtle, distinctive style, we have developed a range of beautiful options appropriate for any medium, all built with Dyson Art’s signature precision.

Finding suppliers who share our commitment to exceptional quality can be difficult. With so much at stake it pays to be selective, both when it comes to people and material. We demand the best because nothing else will do. Decades of experience have taught us to respect the materials that we use, from carefully processed natural products like timber to cutting edge finishes. A single imperfection moulded into a sheet of perspex, or an imperceptible twist in the grain of a length wood, can cause a frame to fail. Knowing the limitations of our products is as important as extolling their strengths.

A good frame will both display and complement the object within. At Dyson Art we’re committed to the principal of aesthetic engineering; it isn’t enough simply to make a product that works, it has to be beautiful too. From flawless sprayed finishes to luxurious gilding and rich American black walnut, we guide all of our clients on finishing from consultation to final product.