Acrylic box

600 Picasso plate

Acrylic boxes are perfect for objects that need to be viewed from many angles.

The clear case is a contemporary and minimal solution allowing the object to speak for itself.

We also design bespoke display solutions in acrylic which are specifically engineered around an object or artwork.

With the ceramic plate to the right, we built a box with internal grooves so the plate slides exactly in between and stands upright by itself. This box then hangs on the wall.


Classic Acrylic Box

1. Acrylic lid

The acrylic lid is made from clear cast perspex which has excellent light transmission and clarity.

Boxes are fabricated with precise edges giving, clean and bubble free joins.

2. Mounted Artwork

Flat artworks can also be framed this way to great effect.

Flat artwork would be floated or distance floated from the back panel.

3. Back panel

Made from either a wooden panel or foamex sheet, the back panel is sprayed or lined with conservation paper. It can also be made from acrylic. This provides a rigid back to the box and a solid surface to mount the artwork on to.

4. Hanging System

The back panel is fitted with a split baton and wall plate and can be hung directly on wall. The split baton is not visible when hanging, the box appears to float away from the wall. It can also be layed flat on the floor as a plinth or coffee table.

split baton diagram