900 alu frame

Introducing the Dyson AluFrame™, a new generation of welded aluminium frames.

Our unique design has been carefully developed in our workshops, taking all the structural and archival benefits of an aluminium frame while applying our persistence for subtle, clean design.

Born through a real demand for a truly archival aluminium frame without any wooden internal structure, and with no visible fixings externally, we set out to resolve these issues and satisfy a need in the market.

Finally, here is an affordable welded aluminium frame that delivers in both function and aesthetics.

Fully archival

Over time, wood releases natural acids such as tannin, which are reactive, and can shorten the lifespan of an artwork. However Aluminium is an inert metal, meaning it is not chemically reactive.

Due to the challenges of fabricating aluminium frames, up until now they have relied on a wooden subframe internally to hold everything together. Our unique design does not require this, meaning it’s 100% inert.

This ensures that the AluFrame™ provides the safest possible environment for conserving artwork.

Design features

Large frames with small profile

Due to the integral strength of welded aluminium, we can make frames measuring 2m x 2.5m +, whilst keeping just a 25mm face. The welded joins also mean that there are absolutely no cracked corners, even on the largest size frames.

Range of resilient finishes

Powder coated finishes are extremely durable as they are resistant to heat, corrosion, impact and abrasion, fading from sunlight, scratching, peeling, and cracking. They can also be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Choose from over 200 standard RAL colours to get your optimum finish. Polished aluminium and various raw aluminium finishes are also available.

Light weight

Aluminium is the lightest of all common metals. The combination of light frames with a durable finish makes these aluminium frames ideal for shipping or travelling exhibitions.

Fire proof

Aluminium does not burn in the form of sheets, extrusions, castings, foil etc, meaning your artwork will be protected even in the event of a fire.