Box frames

Box Frame 900

A popular and versatile frame, which can be used for flat media as well as deep or unusually shaped objects, they are called box frames as they create a space between the artwork and the glazing which is integral to museum framing standards.

Our box frames have a flat face giving them a clean contemporary design, and the proportions of the depth and face are carefully balanced. We can also create bespoke wood profiles if you need to match an existing frame, or for when a unique style is required.

About the box frame:

1. Frame

The frame can either be made from wood, welded aluminium, or be a fabricated perspex box. It can then be finished in many different ways.

2. Fillets

Also known as spacers, they create the gap between the artwork and glazing which is essential for archival framing as it allows for air circulation and movement of the mounted artwork.

3. Mounted Artwork

Depending on the type of artwork, it will be mounted inside the frame through one of a number of different mounting methods.

4. Glazing

There are many different glazing options to both enhance the viewing experience and protect from UV damage.

5. Protective Barriers

We use special protective barriers to prevent migration of acidity and to prevent damage through impacts to the back of the frame. It is sealed with high quality, long life tape.

6. Hanging System

Where possible we use a split-baton to keep the frame tight against the wall, allowing anti-reflective glazing to work to best effect.