Tray frames

900 tray frame

An incredibly simple and stylish design, the tray frame is perfect for framing canvasses or photographic prints that have been dry mounted.

They instantly create an elegantly defined object that adds strength to the artwork. The face of the frame is kept thin, to maintain a minimalistic feel.

Tray frames have no glass, and the artwork is set back slightly below the face of the frame to prevent damage. Tray frames a great way to display large scale artworks without the expense of specialist glazing.

About tray frames:

1. Frame

The tray frame can be made from wood or welded aluminium, and finished with handstain, sprayed, or powder coated. Aluminium trays have just a 3mm face, and wooden trays start from around 8mm.

2. Mounted Artwork

It is also possible to use a tray frame with drymounted artwork, or work done directly on a very rigid substrate.

3. Shadow Gap

A space is left between the edge of the artwork and the tray frame, called the shadow gap. With canvasses this is often just 1mm all around the image to give a precise fit. A 5mm gap with drymounted artwork creates the appearance of the floating work.

It could also be distance floated with a border before the frame to create a large gap.

4. Hanging System

Tray frames are either hung from strap hangers attached to the rear of the frame, or with a split-baton.