Thin faced, sleek and elegant; Dyson Art’s frames have a distinctive character. But balancing a delicately proportioned surround with the need for secure fixings is a fine tightrope to walk. Whilst making an artwork safe is the principal motivation for framing, function cannot override form.

Enter MagLoc. A quintessentially Dyson Art frame, with the marriage of revolutionary design and beautiful aesthetics. The MagLoc system allows for an incredibly narrow face without compromising the security of traditional framing. Magnetic locks hold the frame together, negating the need for visible fastenings. Clean and subtle, MagLoc enables a delicate border of just 12mm with no negative impact on performance.

Access is important, but removing artwork can be disastrous. Artists working with formats, or institutions rotating their displays know the risks. Changing frames can cause permanent damage, but MagLoc frames are opened easily, with just a flick of the proprietary catches. With no need for specialist equipment, Magloc offers safety with minimal disruption.

The MagLoc system is compatible with both timber and aluminium framing. Welded aluminium allows for high tensile strength and durability, even when exceptionally thin, whilst extraordinary stability and resistance mean it stands up to all but the most extreme heat and humidity. The natural character and warmth of timber is perfect for decorative frames. With a range of high permanence varnishes and stains available, wood frames can be customised to suit any requirement.