The best frames demand the best materials.

We carefully select everything we use, ensuring perfect results and a pristine finish, whilst meeting the most stringent conservation requirements.



The challenge of glazing is two-fold: protecting an artwork, but allowing it to be seen. Expertly selected material ensure the safety of your artwork, without compromising the viewing experience.

— UV Control Glass
— Anti-Reflective Glass
— UV and Anti-Reflective Glass
— Laminate
— UV Control and Anti-Reflective Acrylic


Dry Mounting

Bonding photographs, prints and artworks to another surface both flattens and protects them. Drymounting must be expertly done to avoid damage, but the immediacy it creates is powerful, particularly with photography.

— Museum Board
— Kappa Board
— Aluminium and Dibond
— Disec

Mounting Options

Effortless style, cut with precision. Our range of mounting options, both traditional and contemporary, are 100% cotton rag as standard, though other options are available on request. Our Swiss made Gunnar F1 cuts all our mounts with peerless precision.

— Aperture Mount
— Float Mount
— Close Mount
— Distance mount



Finishing products offer the unparalleled potential to customise our frames with varnishes, stains and paint. High quality finishes, applied by our experts, provide high quality protection with aesthetic beauty, with our consultation process providing specialist guidance on both.



Natural, rich and characterful, timber offers exceptional strength and resilience without aesthetic compromise. The use of timber for precision work requires great expertise, but its warmth and beauty make it all worth it.

— American Black Walnut
— American White Oak
— Ash
— Maple
— Obeche
— Utile
— Tulipwood



Durable, strong and light, aluminium frames can withstand the toughest conditions without compromising on design. Our revolutionary AluFrame and MagLoc products combine the incredible resilience of aluminium with sophisticated design solutions to offer exceptionally practical and beautiful frames.