Dry Mounting is the process of bonding photographs, prints and artwork to another surface. This allows you to present your work completely flat and provides an immediacy of image, particularly powerful with photography.

For expert advice on all elements of drymounting, excluding diasec, then contact A.Bliss for information.


Museum board

Available in 2.2mm

Drymounting on to museum board has all the advantages of a 100% Cotton rag acid free archival mount board. A good option for dry mounting fiber based photographic prints.

Kappa board

Available in 5mm and 10mm

Kappa Board is a tough lightweight board with polyurethane hard foam core manufactured in-line and free from CFCs.

It is superior to standard foam board as it is more robust, less prone to surface dents and hollows, and has aluminium liners for extra resistance to warping.

Foamex (forex)

Available in 5mm and 10mm

This substrate is made from high quality foam PVC. It is an expanded, closed cell rigid plastic sheet with a fine cell structure and silky matt surface. Consistent sheet thickness and silky smooth surface give good result when mounting, while the crumble free edges greatly help reduce dust and debris.

Note foamex is not suitable for mounting fibre based photographic prints.


Available in 2mm and 3mm

Aluminium gives superb results when dry mounting high gloss C-type and ciba chrome prints, minimising any ‘orange peel’ effect.

Also available is Dibond – a composite aluminium panel made of
plastic sandwhiched between 2 bits of aluminium. It is the same cost as aluminium, and more prone to damage, but it is more lightweight.

Note aluminium is not suitable for mounting fibre based photographic prints.


About the diasec process

Diasec is a patented process used for facemounting prints like photographs on clear cast acrylic.

The image is face mounted and bonded to the acrylic with a silicone sealant, and is usually backed with aluminium or dibond.

Because of the different light penetration and refraction of acrylic compared to normal glass, it displays very sharp images with bright, vivid colours.

Diasec images can be framed in both box frames and tray frames, or float
mounted from the wall with a subframe.